Ensemble Inachevé

All the music in the video above was created with a free Ableton sample pack
I created with sounds recorded by l'Ensemble Inachevé.
L’Ensemble Inachevé is a collective of 14 musicians from Québec put together by Frédéric Lebrasseur in october 2017 to record an album of improvised music directed by hand signs, reminding some of the works of Frank Zappa, John Zorn and Butch Morris.
The particularity of this ensemble is that 5 of the musicians are “modifiers”, meaning that their role in the group is to modify in real time the sound of other musicians. They can also modify each other, creating very complex possibilities and generating very surprising sounds and colourful music.
During the recording sessions, we did a series of about 20 improvs, in which every modifier was assigned differently to either musicians or a chain of modifiers modifying one another. The result is very entertaining and stimulating.
Being in the ensemble myself and being an electronic music composer and sound explorer, I had the idea of creating an Ableton sound pack to be able to create with the various music we recorded. The richness of experimental music can be a gold mine for any kind of music production. I also kept in mind that it should be fun to play around with this Ableton session, to see where new sounds can make people travel in their own imaginations. Experimental music has always been a driving force in making the current music of the day evolve and develop towards new horizons. I’m thinking here of pioneers like Frank Zappa, Edgar Varèse, Pierre Schaeffer, Square Pusher, Amon Tobin, Tim Exile, Daphne Oram, and many others throughout the past decades.
I hope you’ll have fun and enjoy this free sound pack. Simply sign up to my email list and you’ll receive it directly in your inbox! (this pack is free to use under a CC BY license)
Cheers to everyone and keep the fresh music flowing!
You can find out more about this project over here.
Here are the musicians that participated in this project:
Karéya Audet – modifier working with Ableton and other programs
Georges Azzaria – modifier working with contact mics and cool edit (yes!)
Martien Bélanger – electric guitar and midi guitar
Andrée Bilodeau – electric violin with effects
Pierre Bouchard – electric guitar
Devil Dandy – modifier working with Ableton and Maschine
Francis Desharnais – visual artist working on different surfaces with a pen and a contact mic
Simon Doyon – modifier working with an electronic saxophone (EWI 4000s) and a Korg microSAMPLER
Pierre Langevin – multi-instruments, such as flute, clarinet, bagpipes, etc.
Éric Normand – electric bass with effects
Lyne Goulet – saxophones
Raphael Guay – percussions
André Larue – saxophone with effects
Fred Lebrasseur – musical and improvisation director
Raphael Simard – modifier working with a Roland CP-40 to convert incoming audio to midi
Stéphane Rancours – recording engeneer at studio Alibabear where all this was recorded
See us in a live performance at the Mois Multi festival: